Rockstar Banning All GTA Online Modders And Hackers, No Questions

Rockstar Games  has apparently done a blanket sweep of all hackers and modders of Grand Theft Auto Online, banning all of them from online whether they have cheated or not.

Subsequently, the modders received this automated message from Rockstar:

SC Admin Console Ban Report
This is an automated message from Rockstar Games to inform you that your account has been flagged for violating our Online Features Code of Conduct and/or EULA, found here:
– Conduct | Rockstar Games
– End User License Agreement | Rockstar Games
Accounts can become flagged as a result of automated statistical analysis or manual review of evidence for violations such as modding, hacking, exploiting or abusing game mechanics, or otherwise interfering with other players’ gameplay experience. Some actions taken in response to these flags may result in restrictions on functionality in GTA Online, such as a muted microphone, restrictions on UGC creation, or being restricted to the Cheater or Bad Sport Pools for matchmaking. Repeated flags will result in longer and more restrictive penalties and we may permanently restrict your ability to access GTA Online. Certain actions, such as ISO/Memory modding or selling accounts may result in an immediate permanent ban.
Ban Period: Permanent
Please note that this is a no-reply email address.
Rockstar GamesModders have gone online to talk about said bans. As implied in these letters, Rockstar has struck the banhammer hard, and made no distinctions between players who modded their game to cheat and those who did not. It also appears they have individually identified said hackers, as the ban is enforced irregardless of whether they make new accounts or use multiple consoles. They speculate that Rockstar is seeking out modders on a very fundamental level; either using IP or MAC addresses.


Notably, players can still go back to Grand Theft Auto 5’s story mode, and presumably any future DLC will still be available to them. The message Rockstar is sending is clear: they want online cleaned up, and they’re going all the way to reach that goal.

So, Rockstar is well within their rights to do this, but how does it make you feel? It’s Rockstar’s first foray into online, and it seems that money hack compromised their original vision for the game. Of course, the argument can also be made for user mods allowing fans to redefine that vision to create their own experiences, and this attitude would basically quash any possibility of that.

Obviously, monetization is a factor in this too, and the sooner Rockstar gets their affairs in order the sooner the valuation of microtransactions in the game can be assessed in earnest. The world is certainly eager to find out if GTA Online will give them a steady revenue stream to fund GTA’s foray into the 8th generation.