Call of Duty 2020 Gameplay Footage Leaks

There is a big fan base for the Call of Duty franchise and each year we get a new installment to enjoy. While this year has been full of unexpected events and certainly a year to go down in the history books, it still seems like we’re going to receive a new Call of Duty video game. Despite this, we don’t have much information in terms of what we can actually expect when the game releases into the market. However, with that said, a new video has emerged online leaking the gameplay footage, though finding it may be a challenge.

We don’t know really anything about Call of Duty 2020. There have been rumors and supposed leaks to give fans some expectations on the next installment. One of the more popular rumors is that this new installment will be set during the Cold War era, but again, nothing official has been released. Of course, a new leaked video does showcase some of the gameplay available, but it’s not much to really indicate too much on what exactly Call of Duty 2020 will bring to the table.

This video showcases some pre-alpha footage and it does show a map with tanks as a player moves around with a weapon. Some have suggested that the engine looks to be the same engine used for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but that wouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Unfortunately, the video footage is scarce online as Activision has been on the hunt for any videos that emerge on websites, YouTube, or other social media accounts. 

As a result, we can’t showcase the video here, but you can still hunt around for some of the gameplay footage online. In the meantime, we’re left wondering just what this means for the Call of Duty franchise for 2020 as we’re still waiting for an official announcement and release date.

Source: Reddit