Capcom Has Postponed Their Capcom Pro Tour 

You likely know of the current situation going on right now in America. There is a big movement going on right now regarding racism and equality across the nation. It’s resulted in people talking, protests and even riots which have gone on for days. It’s a period of time that will go down in the history books and to give the opportunity for individuals to have a voice and express their message, several events have taken down different planned events. 

Starting yesterday, there has been a movement online that resulted in companies to individuals refraining from posting on social media. Likewise, there are events that have been pushed aside and rescheduled for a date later this month. One of those events that were supposed to go down this weekend was the Capcom Pro Tour Online, though it was announced today that the event had been postponed.

This bit of news came from the official Capcom USA Twitter Account which stated that the postponement was in favor to help support black communities and everyone who is standing against racism and fighting for equality for all. 

In the post, there is no statement on the tournament being cancelled completely but will be pushed back. For now, we will have to wait and see when the new dates are available for players to go through the regional tournaments. This is all in hopes to qualify for the Capcom Cup 2020. 

Source: Twitter