Epic Games Store Free Games Helps Increase Sales According To Epic CEO

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney recently spoke with GameSpot where the topic came up on their digital storefront known as the Epic Games Store. It’s become a behemoth of a digital marketplace and one of the first to really offer a competitor against the longtime running Steam platform. Valve has mainly dominated the PC digital marketplace for years now, but it’s been a long time coming for some fans that a competitor would appear that would provide players, developers, and publishers an alternative to use.

There were a few means to get players on the Epic Games Store digital marketplace. One of those is through exclusivity deals. Epic Games has gone out of their way to strike up deals with publishers and developers to bring their games onto the platform prior to any other PC digital marketplaces. That’s proven to be a popular route for a few reasons as not only will these deals come with more funds, but the profits earned with each sale is actually higher over at Epic Games Store than its competitors. 

Another crucial means to bring in users on the Epic Games Store regularly is the free video game promotions that are available each week. This way players are given the ability to check-in and grab a free video game to keep forever. All that is required is a free account and to claim your copy within a duration of time, which has been in week intervals. That feature alone has brought in a ton of new users along with bringing users returning on a regular basis. 

These video game titles range from small indie releases to big-name hits like Grand Theft Auto V. However, speaking with Gamespot, Tim Sweeney stated that these free games are also bringing in more sales to video game titles on other platforms. It’s a way to bring out awareness to the title and while you can claim a free copy, if you don’t have a PC, having more people suddenly play a game or talk about it may bring the title into the eyes of someone who might not have ever come across the game normally. 

Currently, we know that free the video games promotion will be running throughout this year much like last year. We don’t know if these promotional run will continue throughout 2021 but for now, you can expect free games on a weekly matter. The current highlighted game available for free is Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

Source: GameSpot