Microsoft Gearing Up For Xbox Series X Pre-Orders

There is a ton of hype for the video game industry this year. Not only did we have several big-name games release or slated to release in the coming weeks and months, but also both Sony and Microsoft are preparing the launch of their next-generation console platform. Both companies are claiming that this holiday season will see the launch of their console platforms but neither have yet to showcase just when exactly the platforms will release or for how much. As a result, we’re still waiting on the next big event stream reveal to give us the necessary information to start preparing for the console pickup.

While Sony has kept radio silent for their PlayStation 5, Microsoft had been opening things up for their fans. We got some news and details for the console though some of the features are still likely kept secret for another stream event. While we’re eager to see what features and differences will make this console platform standout, not only from the current-generation Xbox One but the competitor platforms as well which being the Nintendo Switch and the upcoming PlayStation 5. 

Xbox head, Phil Spencer has been clarified that their Xbox Series X is not in any danger of being delayed. So if this is the case, we should soon see a release date and price point. While neither has come up just yet, there has been a new page posted on the official Microsoft website. This page is set for consumers to pre-order the Xbox Series X, though it’s not active yet to claim your unit. Instead, this is just a page set up in preparation for the pre-ordering to go live. 

I would imagine that if the page is set up and already live for viewers to browse, then we could see a pre-order announcement along with the release date and price point very soon. Currently, we’re waiting to see what the next Xbox event will hold but we do know that there will be monthly streams regarding all things Xbox so June could be the event in which we get treated to this information. 

For now, if you wish to view the Xbox Series X pre-order page, you can do so right here. Likewise, we’ll continue to watch for any new information released on the platform or its upcoming games. With the health pandemic going on right now, Xbox head Phil Spencer has noted that the console platform is on schedule but we could see issues with games still in early development.

Source: Microsoft