Citra 3DS Emulator Now Available On Google Play Store

Emulators have been around for years, its a project that won’t cease and even newer consoles are being emulated on various hardware. While it’s a bit rare to see certain emulators run on a desktop while the console is still available in the marketplace physically, it still happens. In fact, the Wii U had an emulator version readily available for players to enjoy and now Nintendo may have another battle with the 3DS marketplace as a new emulator has made its way on the Google Play Store.

Of course, with the Nintendo 3DS on its way out the door, we don’t imagine there will be too many losses from this emulator’s sudden appearance on the smartphone digital marketplace.

If you’re not familiar with Citra, this is a Nintendo 3DS emulator that has been around for several years now on the desktop front. It’s been available for the mobile phone marketplace for a little while now but now users can officially download the application right from the Google Play Store. It’s already running rather well and players can once again enjoy their Nintendo 3DS games on the go without having to haul around their physical Nintendo 3DS.

Of course, this is going into a gray area as we’ve seen arguments on both sides when it comes to ROMs and emulators. At any rate, those that are interested in replaying those Nintendo 3DS games can do so with the application though you may want to make sure your smartphone is capable of running the emulator. We imagine it’s going to be quite easy as the Nintendo 3DS has been available since 2011 so the hardware has been around for several years and modern smartphones should be able to run the app without much problem. 

There is a chance that some games will have issues. You’ll see that in a variety of emulators and over the years a dedicated community of developers will tweak the emulator in order to run the games normally, despite not being used by the official hardware.

Source: Kotaku