Grounded Will Receive A Demo For Xbox One & PC During Summer Game Festival

One of the Microsoft exclusives that have been highlighted and showcased a bit more frequently has been Grounded. The video game is the next title from Obsidian and while we know that this game is coming out later this year for Xbox One and PC platforms, we are also finding out today that the video game title will also have a demo released early for players to get a chance to try out. If you were wondering if Grounded is worth the purchase when it launches, you can try it out for free during the Steam Game Festival.

As mentioned, Grounded is developed by Obsidian Entertainment who recently put out The Outer Worlds. This time around the gameplay is more lighthearted with players taking on humans shrunken down to the size of an ant. With having to team up together in order to gather resources, players will be battling all sorts of different bugs and insects that you would typically find in a suburban backyard. There’s only a small trailer so far for this game and it appears that we may have a few story missions to go through, but ultimately, we have to wait for more information to be released to really know just what to expect.

Still, the game will have a demo available for Xbox One owners that register to the Xbox Insider status. This will give players a chance to try the game if they are able to get into one of the limited player slots available. However, this game will also see a demo available on the Steam platform for PC users. Apparently, this will be a single-player campaign demo mission for players to go through rather than a multiplayer-focused game mode that the title seems to really shine.

At any rate, this demo will be available on June 9, 2020, and will continue to be available until June 14, 2020. This will be in line with the Steam Game Festival 2020, so we imagine there will be plenty of demos to try out during this period, some of which may have been featured during E3 2020 but has since been pushed towards this event due to the cancellation. 

Source: VG247