Sony Offers FUNimation Subscription To PlayStation Plus Subscribers

We’re all still dealing with the health pandemic right now. Whether you live in an area that is relatively free from the virus or in a larger condensed area that is going to have a difficult time returning to normalcy, we’re all dealing with new guidelines and regulations. Still, being in quarantine or forced to abide social distancing has come with its share of benefits.

For gamers, we’re able to go through our backlog and enjoy some of the past releases that we’ve never got around to playing. Likewise, there are plenty of companies that offered discounts or even free content to help fight off the mundane boredom of what is our daily lives at this point.

With the ability to enjoy plenty of new shows and movies, there are some enticing deals at the moment to jump onto a new premium service. Fortunately, if you’ve been a subscriber for the PlayStation Plus service, then you might be given access to another premium video subscription service.

We’re finding out today that select longtime members of PlayStation Plus are being sent vouchers to redeem Funimation subscriptions. This will apparently give viewers access to the hit anime subscription service for two months, though we’re still uncertain just how long of a PlayStation Plus member you had to be before Sony would grant you a voucher code.

While details are scarce, this subscription voucher would save you the $5.99 fee per month. However, it does look like this is an auto-renewal service so you will want to turn that off before you dive into the anime series. Who knows, you may find yourself enjoying the service enough to keep the subscription going.

Source: Twisted Voxel