Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road Has Been Delayed

The Kingdom Hearts franchise is certainly an expansive one. It first got started on the PlayStation 2 and since then we’ve seen several installments released both for consoles to mobile platforms and even web browser titles exclusive to certain markets. Still, even after the long-awaited third mainline installment released, it doesn’t look like Square Enix is slowing down on the franchise anytime soon as there are more projects in the works. In fact, one of the games has already been teased which is Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road.

This upcoming title is slated to be a mobile title and would tell a narrative focusing on Xehanort which you are likely familiar with as the franchise antagonist. Still, it’s likely a story to help give players a bit more insight on the background information for this character and his rise into power. However, it looks like we may have to wait a bit longer than expected to get a change in playing this game.

The official Twitter account for Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road has posted an update on the current status of this project. According to the tweet, due to the current health pandemic going on right now, the studio is having to postpone the game a bit. It looks like the current goal is to release Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road sometime this Spring, but more information is slated to come out in the coming month regarding the title.

We’re certainly not surprised by the delay, development studios everywhere are working remotely with employees attempting to stay safe while potentially avoiding the spread of this virus by gathering together.

Source: Twitter