Resident Evil Resistance Adds Nemesis as New Character in Update

Kellen Haney Associate Manager, Social Media & Community at Capcom USA took to the PlayStation Blog to bring some interesting news regarding their asymmetrical multiplayer title, Resident Evil Resistance.

The new update for the multiplayer title is now available to download for all platforms and brings some new exciting features including a new playable Mastermind. The latest Mastermind — Nicholai, comes bringing the iconic monster — Nemesis. Players will now have to once again face Nemesis, but this time in a multiplayer scenario.

PlayStation’s Tim Turi had some interesting questions to ask the Capcom development team when it comes to creating Nemesis in both the RE 3 Remake and RE Resistance, make sure to check out some of the highlights of the interview down below:

Nemesis begins the game almost entirely covered in black material, almost like a body bag. Can you please offer insight into this aesthetic change, the decision behind it, and how that material is damaged throughout the game?

Nemesis is not a completed model, but a prototype. The black material is not Nemesis’ official attire and was restrictive gear that was haphazardly, quickly created to contain it, which is why it has such visuals. We were hoping to create an aesthetic contrast between Nemesis and Tyrant from Resident Evil 2, who has a more completed and finished look.

Nemesis undergoes an even more dramatic transformation with Type 2 in the RE3 remake compared to the original game. Please discuss the goals and inspirations behind its Type 2 design.

In the original game, Nemesis’s second form is simply the restrictions coming off, allowing it to utilize its tentacle attacks. The differentiation from its first form was not as dramatic, both from a visual and gameplay standpoint. Our goal was to make a transformation more dramatic, not only from a visual standpoint, but also from a gameplay standpoint as well.

What makes Nicholai a good fit as a Mastermind in Resident Evil Resistance?

As the mastermind behind the incidents in Resident Evil 3, Nicholai’s cunning personality and willingness to do anything for the right price makes him a perfect fit for a Resident Evil Resistance Mastermind. Nicholai has been on the list of potential Masterminds since the very early stages of development.

What tools does Nicholai have at his disposal as a Mastermind?

Nicholai is good at using firearms and tracking his prey. In Resistance, this translates into useful skills with camera-mounted firearms and abilities that allow him to track the Survivors around the map. He can also control Nemesis to hunt down Survivors, complete with an array of signature skills to use to hunt down his targets. 

Both of these titles, Resident Evil 3 Remake and Resident Evil Resistance are worthy titles of your time. However, RE3 Remake might be more appeal for those hardcore single player enthusiasts.

RE3 Remake is a true return to the franchise’s roots and with both newcomers and hardcore fans, this will be the perfect time to jump into the game. If you have yet to pick up the game, but want to learn more about it from a critical standpoint, make sure to click here for our review roundup for the game.

Resident Evil 3 Remake and Resident Evil Resistance is now available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Have you played either of the Resident Evil titles? What did you think of them? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog