Ubisoft Has An Unannounced Franchise Game Releasing This Fiscal Year

There are plenty of big-name titles that are currently in development over at Ubisoft. However, there were some expectations that perhaps some games would be delayed for a few different reasons. With the next-generation video game consoles on their way out this holiday season plus the health pandemic going around, it was likely that some games would be pushed back for a more ideal release window or even to get a port readily available for the next-generation console releases. 

As a result, we do know that some big titles are coming this fiscal year already from Ubisoft. In an earnings call, it was unveiled that the company has Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion, Gods & Monsters, and Rainbow Six Quarantine are coming this fiscal year. With that said, there is a game coming this fiscal year that’s not been unveiled to the public quite yet. This is also said to be a franchise so that does give some clues.

In the past, there has been plenty of rumors suggesting that Ubisoft is working on a Splinter Cell video game for quite a while now. However, some rumors are stating that Ubisoft is bringing back Prince of Persia. Really, there is no way of knowing what game is in the works at the moment until the company is ready to announce it. Furthermore, there may be some still waiting for more details to come out on games that are not slated to launch this fiscal year.

We know that there is a pirate-themed title called Skull & Bones that seems to have a problem making its way out into the market after a series of delays. Furthermore, there is the long-awaited launch of Beyond Good & Evil 2. At the very least we know that there is at least one big title in the works that has yet to be unveiled. 

Source: IGN