PlayStation 5 Still Slated For Holiday 2020 Release 

The world is going through a real crisis right now thanks to the coronavirus. After sweeping the globe and causing so many of us to quarantine in our homes, refraining from attending any public events or even going out in public without necessary masks and gloves, we’re wondering just what may come from some scheduled releases. After all, this year we’ve seen several events get cancelled to even some products being postponed from being released into the market. One of the releases that may have been affected by the coronavirus is the PlayStation 5 but that’s not the case according to Sony.

When going into 2020 we knew that this holiday season both Microsoft and Sony had plans to release their next-generation consoles. That was of course before the health pandemic that shut down factories, closed borders, and prevented any public gatherings. Now as we are still in the thick of it, there may be some wondering what this could mean for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Both companies have claimed that their consoles are still on track to release and today we’re finding out that Sony is once again confirming that this holiday season there will be the launch of the PlayStation 5.

This news comes from a financial statement where Sony had admitted that the COVID-19 virus has prevented some testings and qualification lines to keep up, but the console is still on track for a 2020 holiday season arrives. While the console may find a launch this holiday season, there could be an issue with how many units are available. Likewise, we’re always hearing projections of the virus once again being a problem during the fall season which could also affect the release of certain products like the PlayStation 5.

While we’re still waiting for more information to come out on the PlayStation 5, we did see some gameplay demo footage using the console platform from Epic Games Unreal Engine 5. The company recently showcased its Unreal Engine 5 through the use of a PS5 likewise, Sony has introduced an umbrella for their PlayStation video games known as PlayStation Studios

Source: Sony