PlayStation 5 Used To Showcase Impressive Unreal Engine 5 Demo

It’s always exciting news when a new game engine is announced and showcased. However, the Unreal Engine 5 announcement makes it even more exciting as this engine was demoed using a PlayStation 5. The console platform has been mainly MIA with fans waiting for Sony to fully unveil the system and showcase the features that will help set it apart from the competition. While we’re still waiting for that bit of information to come out, it’s nice to know that there this new demo footage to help showcase Unreal Engine 5 was used by the power of a PlayStation 5.

We may be a good long way away from the next big PlayStation 5 focused event. Despite that, we can at least check out what the PlayStation 5 is capable of in terms of Epic Games Unreal Engine 5. This demo is fully playable and is running in real-time, which means there’s no editing used to get a certain look or visual feel. Likewise, this is also quite an impressive video clip as the main focus on Unreal Engine 5 is to bring movie-quality assets to video games which is done through a few different highlighted technologies showcased so far.

With Unreal Engine 5, there will be some new tools for developers to make use of and that’s Lumens and Nanite. Lumens is an illumination tool that can help give the lighting effects developers have in mind for a game and Nanite is a tool that can help bring in the movie level assets into the project. Additionally, there are new features to help bring a realistic audio experience. As a result, this footage showcased above offers a look at a woman exploring an old ruin temple among massive rocky caverns. 

A big point that the developers are pushing viewers to take in is that this Unreal Engine 5 demo is running in real-time which means everything is happening from the PlayStation 5. We’re sure that there are some other incredibly high-detailed works being done right now for the game from Sony’s first-party studios, but for now, this is a new look at the console platform. 

Source: IGN