Players Are Figuring Out How To Access Franklin’s Home In GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto V was a massive hit title when it launched back in 2013. The video game continued to find success over the years after being released on current-generation platforms. This time around, players got to play through a campaign that involved three characters rather than the standard single character storyline that the previous games put us through. While the campaign and single-player content were easily enjoyable for countless years, the reason people are still logging into the game is the online multiplayer component known as Grand Theft Auto Online.

Grand Theft Auto Online takes the same map as the single-player campaign and builds on it with different missions for players to go through. Unfortunately, the game missions don’t interact with the three main characters you portray as in the campaign though traveling to their homes on the map is still an option. Normally, these homes don’t do anything as it’s just simply a house on the map.

Clipping Into Franklin’s House in Online! from r/gtaonline

You can’t gain access into the home, there are no missions involved with the house, nor can you purchase them. However, after years of being available, one user found a glitch that would allow players to break into Franklin’s home.

Now this house we’re referring to is the home Franklin receives later into the campaign and not the first home location from the game. From what it seems, the Up-N-Atomizer gun is able to knock players on their back and glitch them into the home. With that said, you will need to climb up on the brick wall and walk over to Franklin’s garage before reaching the roof. All you have to do is just shoot the gun near the solar panels and hope that the knockback glitches you inside.

There’s nothing to do once inside but the map interior is exactly the same from the main game. We’re doubtful this is a glitch that Rockstar will fix anytime soon but you never know when this glitch will no longer work for players online. 

Source: Gamerant, Reddit