Dotemu Comments On Physical Streets of Rage 4 Physical Edition Delays

Streets of Rage 4 certainly had a ton of fandom when it was announced to be in development. The video game series was a classic beat ‘em up and throughout its three mainline installments, fans were eager to enjoy a new title that was being dropped. However, after Streets of Rage 3, we got nothing in terms of video games for decades. That was until Dotemu announced the fourth installment which was launching on modern platforms. Thankfully, the game has finally launched and fans are enjoying it worldwide.

There is still one major problem and it has to do with the game’s physical edition or lack thereof. The video game was announced with a physical run being done with Limited Run Games. This title already had a large fan base and is a game from the classic era of cartridge video games, there was likely going to be quite a few interested in a physical release to add to their collection. Likewise, Limited Run Games has been a popular source for physical editions of games that would normally not have one so using this source to secure a copy was likely a quick and viable solution. 

When the game released and physical copies never made their way to the buyers, there were plenty of fans requesting to know just where their game was. Now an official statement was given out by Dotemu which is taking the blame. Apparently, Dotemu is pointing the issue to other markets around the globe that are wanting physical copies which is taking a bit longer than planned. Still, the company is looking to do right by consumers.

It looks like Limited Run Games will be emailing the consumers with a copy of the game on Steam and when the physical edition of the game releases, it will come with a CD game OST. Still, if you rather enjoy the game digitally, the title is available on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch platforms right now.

Source: DualShockers