Halo Infinite Still Slated To Launch With Xbox Series X

There is a ton of hype building up around this holiday season. It’s the slated release for the next-generation video game console platforms. While we’re all dealing with an odd time right now thanks to the worldwide health pandemic, we’re also still being assured that the next-generation console platforms are not going to miss the holiday 20202 season. There is going to be plenty of more information and content unveiled over the coming months to further hype up the Xbox Series X.

If you didn’t catch it earlier today, Microsoft has alerted its followers of a new initiative to give more information out regarding the Xbox brand. It’s being dubbed Xbox 20/20 and each month there will be some type of a stream relating to all things Xbox. This is starting later this week with a stream that will highlight some of the third-party video game titles that will be coming out to the Xbox Series X, among other platforms. However, we’re also told that in July we will see a stream directed towards the first-party studios and their video game titles.

This is where we will likely see video games such as Halo Infinite, one of the more anticipated Xbox exclusives coming out. Unfortunately, things may not have looked too bright recently as Phil Spencer gave a statement to CNBC in which he revealed that he was confident in the release of the Xbox Series X this holiday season. However, he made mention that he was not as confident in regards to the video game titles with developers having to work remotely and deal with this health pandemic as well.

With that said, it looks like at least Halo Infinite is slated to release alongside the Xbox Series X according to the official Xbox blog post. With the announcement of Xbox 20/20, a key point highlights that the Xbox Series X and Halo Infinite are still being pushed for this holiday season launch. We’re likely going to see plenty of Halo Infinite during the July Xbox 20/20 stream and perhaps a confirmed release date.

Source: Xbox