Latest Dreams Trailer Showcases the Different Mindset of Creative Storytellers

Dreams is one of the most creative and most ambitious games to release in the last couple of years, and for the most part it does what it intends to do; it gives everyone a blank canvas to paint something regardless of what it may be.

The latest trailer has some of the best in the game’s industry discussing the abilities of Dreams. If you have a story, a gampelay mechanic, a film, or something else you want to create, dreams allows you to do so with a vast amount of welcomed tools.

We have seen some brilliant creations since the launch of the game, and with the game only out for a short time, I am interested to see what else the community has to cook up. The new trailer showcases what industry members think about creativity, and Media Molecule’s latest title, Dreams.

Check out the new Dreams trailer down below:

“A blank canvas can be daunting, in this coming series, you will see some of the best teams in the games industry talk about the joys and challenges of making games”

If you have been on the fence about purchasing Media Molecule’s Dreams, a new demo for the game has been released onto the PS Store.

Revealed in a new trailer called “Trial and Unlock”, players will be able to test out the game in a new demo. Dreams puts players in the creative chair, as players can create or recreate anything they desire and the outpour of creative ideas are brilliant. Learn more about the newly released Dreams demo right here!

Dreams is now available exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Have you been playing Dreams so far? What do you think of the creative title? Let us know in the comments below!

source: YouTube