World War Z: Game of Year Edition Launches Tomorrow, New Marseilles DLC Details Revealed

World War Z: Game of the Year Edition arrives tomorrow and today, Saber Interactive took to the PS Blog to communicate to the fans a bit more about what they can expect from the Marseilles DLC.

The new blog entry dives deep into different aspects of the upcoming DLC, in which Dmitry Grigorenko, Lead Game Designer gives insight into the vision in creating this new episode.

The DLC will take place in a small city in France called Marseilles, which is a beautiful place if you disregard the zombies. Admittedly, the new map will be more grounded in co-op elements meaning the new stage can play with random players, however, it will be more beneficial if played with a party of friends. The reason being is that the developers at Saber Interactive are pushing the co-op elements a bit more with this level as stated in the post.

“We’ve always strived to design our levels so that they require a great amount of teamwork but could also be completed with random players. This time around we wanted to push the co-op element a little further.”

Dmitry Grigorenko, Lead Game Designer

The post continues to state that the map isn’t the only aspect that is new in this new content drop. A rocket launcher weapon will be added to your arsenal and will help you take out the hordes in a quicker fashion. The idea behind the weapon was to tie in co-op elements that will affect the gameplay. Using this weapon will require teamwork, however, will pay off if used correctly.

“The trick is that the launcher is difficult to aim: one player operates the controls while another assists with targeting, all while the other two players must continually reload the missiles and fend off the swarm. This sequence requires a great deal of cooperation between players — it’s super chaotic and a lot of fun.”

Dmitry Grigorenko, Lead Game Designer

World War Z: Game of the Year Edition launches tomorrow, May 5, 2020, on all platforms. Owners of the season pass can download the pack for free starting tomorrow. In addition, the DLC can be purchased separately for $15.

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Source: PS Blog