Known Insider Tidux, Teases Cryptic Tweet Centered Around The Order 1886, Possible Sequel in the Works

PlayStation has had a ton of great exclusives this generation cycle, but one that always seems to get snubbed is Ready at Dawn’s — The Order 1886.

However, it seems that the franchise is might not dead after all. This is going off real now evidence or confirmation from any video game “leakers”, but as of yesterday, known PlayStation insider Tidux, tweeted a cryptic tease centered around The Order 1886. There’s not much backing to this, but it seems that the comments in the tweet suspect that a sequel is on its way.

When a known insider tweets something cryptic, the internet will always be on alert, and especially since we heard rumors late last year that a The Order 1886 sequel is in the works; there’s now even more suspicion.

Check out the cryptic tease down below:

In related news, a new rumor has circulated the gaming community and it is centered around Ready at Dawn’s epic shooter title, The Order 1886.

Yes, according to NeoGaf user — BlackOsiris, saw a gameplay trailer for an unannounced game, that the internet is deeming a The Order 1886 sequel. Ready at Dawn is currently working on a AAA game, but at point and time, no one knows what exactly that is. Learn more about the “apparent” leaked sequel right here!

Would you like to see an Order 1886 sequel? Could the reveal be set for the Xbox Series X gameplay reveal later this week? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: Twitter