A Unique Rhythm Based FPS Called Gun Jam Is Coming Soon

When it comes to FPS there are a ton of different games available and some of which can be quite unique from each other. However, there is one particular indie game that was teased online which blew up quite a bit making it a game being developed with fans anticipating its release. We’re referring to Gun Jam, a game that mixes rhythm mechanics while keeping up the fast-paced FPS experience.

The game was teased by the developer online and after it blew up Gun Jam was placed on Steam with plans to fully develop and release the game into the market. We’re not sure if there is a storyline attached to the game quite yet but watching the trailer gives you everything you’ll need to know in how the basic game mechanics will work. Essentially, players will be firing their weapons to the beat and from what we can gather it looks like hitting the beat on time will deliver a bigger impact to the enemies you’re facing against.

Developed and published by Jaw Drop Games, there is already a market waiting to experience this unique FPS but we’re not sure just how long it will be before it’ll release. Currently, the title is only available on Steam with players able to add it onto their wishlist in order to get the notification on when Gun Jam is available to purchase.

For now, take a look at the trailer above along with the game screenshots below. You may find this game to be a massive hit much to the likes of Superhot, a game that also delivered a unique spin to the FPS genre. We’ll certainly keep tabs on this IP and update you on the latest right here on Gameranx.

Source: Steam