Valorant Ranked Gameplay Coming Soon?

Valorant has become a massively popular video game and its still just in closed beta. Developed by Riot Games which is best known for its MOBA hit League of Legends, has been working on other game genres with the first release being Valorant. This is a competitive FPS coming out on the PC platform which blends the high precision gunplay of CSGO with the hero roster that could be found in video games similar to Overwatch. As a result, it’s a blend that’s proven to be quite popular online and that will soon give players an option to enjoy gameplay in a bit more competitive matter.

As mentioned right now the game is only available in closed beta but players are still able to gain access. With that said, the gameplay is still being tested out and server stability is a high priority. Despite this, fans are still chomping at the bits in hopes that more content will trickle down from the studio such as a competitive game mode.

For fans that are wanting to take their skills and put them to the test, a competitive mode that offers ranked gameplay is enticing. It’s also something that Riot Games has spoken about before and we’re not surprised that fans who enjoy the game wouldn’t mind getting matched up with players that are around their skill level. 

In a recent tweet from the official Valorant Twitter account, the studio has confirmed that the game mode is a day-by-day basis right now. It’s essentially done, but there’s no set date on when it will launch into the market. Right now it could be anytime and that’s something that should give players a reason to check in daily with the game. As mentioned, this is a closed beta title right now and it’s still allowing more players to join in. Unfortunately, it may be a task to get a code for the game right now.

Currently, the only means of getting a code for Valorant is by watching Twitch streamers play the game live. This has to be actual live channels and not prerecord footage being labeled as a live channel. If you get a code then you’re allowed to join in on the fun.

Source: Twitter