Twitch Makes New Rule Over 24/7 Valorant Streams

There’s always a few trends that come and go on Twitch. When a brand new game releases, you can find tons of streamers and viewers actively enjoying the channel content being offered. As a result, the current trend right now is Valorant, the upcoming free-to-play FPS game being released from Riot Games. While there is plenty of viewers that are actively watching simply to see what the new game is about, it’s also coming packed with viewers trying to get access to the game.

Riot Games may be best known for their League of Legends MOBA title, but they have since been branching out with other game releases. For instance, their upcoming launch of Valorant is an FPS game that mixes the attributes of CSGO along with hero-based roster such as Overwatch. It’s become quite a hit online and right now there is only a closed beta at the moment. Getting access to the game is not all that tough but it will require you in watching different streams.

The only way to get a closed beta access code is by watching Twitch streams that are playing Valorant. It’s a great way to get an understanding of the game along with the characters. If you’re lucky enough, a random drop for the Valorant code will be given to you by connecting your account with Twitch. That has sparked some channels to claim they are live but simply play pre-recorded footage instead.

This gives viewers a chance in farming for a code by leaving the stream up on a browser tab, but that’s not going to be accessible any longer. These streams can push other channels down that are actually live and playing the game. Twitch has taken to Twitter and alerted followers that they are making this against the rules along with any cheats that are being used to game the Twitch rewards system. 

Source: Twitter