Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Receives New Release Date Due to Minor COVID-19 Delay

Bethesda and Zenimax Studios have taken to the Elder Scrolls Online website and announced a new release date for the highly anticipated DLC — Greymoor.

Originally slated to release May 18 and June 2 respectively, the developers have decided to delay the DLC for a couple weeks due to the transition phase of COVID-19 at home offices. The delay is very minor, but nonetheless a delay. PC/Mac users will now be able to jump into the DLC starting on Tuesday, while PS4 and Xbox One users have to wait until June 9th .

Check out the highlighted part of the official statement down below:

As always, I hope this message finds all of you in good health. This is an extremely challenging time for the world, and I hope you are concentrating on the well-being of you and your families. All of us at ZOS have been doing the same, working from home, chatting on video, and sharing far too many memes with one another–all while working hard on ESO. We long for the time when we can “return to normal,” but for now, we are–like many of you–trying to make the best of things.

Despite the challenges, we are still on track for Update 26 and the Greymoor Chapter to launch only one week late. Now that Update 26 is on the PTS (check it out!), we are confident that we will be able to launch Tuesday, May 26th on PC/Mac and Tuesday, June 9th on Xbox One and PlayStation®4. This of course could change if something happens outside of our control. Remember, we haven’t launched a major ESO update while working remotely before, and unforeseen problems can and do crop up.

Fans should be happy that the delay isn’t too long. COVID-19 has been delaying and cancelling a bunch of events, games, and DLC for a lot of developers. But Bethesda and Zenimax have done a good job containing the workload.

In related news, a couple months ago Bethesda released a pretty epic trailer for the upcoming DLC. It showcased a good look at what players should expect when the DLC launched and if you;re hyped to return to Skyrim, then I’d suggest check out the most recent trailer right here!

Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor is now set to Tuesday, May 26th on PC/Mac and Tuesday, June 9th on Xbox One and PlayStation4. Are you excited for the highly anticipated DLC? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Bethesda