Don’t Starve Tips And Tricks

We have a few tips and tricks for playing Klei’s open world survival horror, Don’t Starve. The game was originally released on PC, and is now one of the 1st post-launch games on the Playstation 4, free to Playstation Plus members. We’ll assume you’re deep in, or at least interested, so no spoilers here. Just bookmark and check back if you need some help. We’ll also skip ‘tips’ you’re sure to figure out on your own, anything too spoilery, or advice on what armor/ weapons to use.

  • First off, out the gate, you can access the map by pressing the touch pad.  The more you explore, the more of the map is revealed, just like a good Metroidvania.
  • Prepare for winter, it starts 21 days in.
  • Build a fire every night, torches run out too soon.
  • Place traps directly above rabbit holes. Of course, you’ll want to save your food.
  • Scour the map for a good base location before you settle down. You can afford to do this: you can spend at least a dozen days grazing berries and carrots. Supplies like lumber and rocks are easy to transport.
  • A good place to set up a base is close to a Beefalo herd, where grass, and manure, two important resources, are sure to be nearby. Beefalo will also help you fight any hounds that come around (as will pigs). Remember, you want be close to, not next to a herd. When its mating season the males get antsy – and dangerous.
  • Another good location is near a warren (you know, rabbit holes), since you’ll have a consistent food supply, especially for winter.
  • Grab a lot of grass and logs for building, and possibly, kindling for that campfire.
  • Speaking of which, once your campfire has been setup, keep working, just a little bit. You can collect rocks, chop wood, even cook food. You’ll earn more time to move around during the day as a result, but remember, don’t overdo it.
  • Rocks are a scarce resource, so this is one to use sparingly.
  • Gold can only be found in deep forests, in the larger rock formations. You’ll know they have gold in them because they look slightly different than other rocks, and they also have a slight gold line, the gold vein.
  • Don’t go after monsters until you’ve readied higher level weapons and armor.
  • You can eat monster meat. Unfortunately, it will lower your health. The upside is they stay indefinitely, and you can reduce health loss significantly if you cook it. Eat monster meat in desperate times.
  • About science machines, you need to earn gold to build one. Try to build it as quickly as possible, but take care that it is in a location you can get to easily and safely.
  • Picking flowers brings the insanity meter up. If you wear a flower garland, worth 10 flowers, it will accumulate in time.
  • If you’re having a hard time, you can customize world settings to ease the experience. These will not disable trophies, even if you disable winter – or night time.