First Showing of Travis Scott’s Fortnite Concert Has Aired, Watch Full Stream Here

The first showing of Travis Scott Fortnite concert has aired and if you didn’t attend, you missed out! The concert debuted the new song from Travis Scott — Astronomical and if you’re a fan of the artist, you will no doubt enjoy the song!

Epic Games managed to create a pretty awesome concert, with a ton of trippy stuff going on as Scott brings the fire! If you want to watch the concert yourselves, there are a couple more dates to attend the show, but if you don’t have the game downloaded, some YouTubers managed to capture the event live.

Thanks to YouTube user LukeGames, the full Travis Scott concert has been recorded. I enjoyed the show and would suggest checking it out live if you can do so, but if you can’t, then at least check out the awesomeness in the video below!

Check out the full Travis Scott concert down below:

The Travis Scott x Fortnite crossover is one of the coolest things to happen in the game, besides the Marshmello concert.

If you missed the Travis Scott concert, no fret, there are a couple of more shows that will air throughout the entire weekend. The show will be free of course, and if you do plan on attending, users will be able to get some free exclusives. Learn more about the Travis Scott Fortnite concert right here!

Fortnite Chapter 2 is now available for free on all platforms. Did you managed to check out the concert live? Or you planning on attending another time? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube