Hardspace: Shipbreaker Has An Early Access Release Date

If you’re looking to enjoy a unique game then we suggest taking a look at Hardspace: Shipbreaker. It’s a futuristic game where players take the role of a salvage member that’s tasked with grabbing worthy and lucrative components from decommissioned space ships. It’s all about gathering loot and paying off your debts, but soon you’ll get a chance to try it out through an Early Access release.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker, comes from development studio Blackbird Interactive and as mentioned you play as a blue-collar worker. From what we know so far, players take the role of a worker in debt and forced into working at Lynx Corporation. To pay off your debts, you have to venture into space, bid on ships and start your work at cutting them up and get a good payload. There’s more to it than just cutting away, as you’ll need to check in on the different specifications and components of the ship. One faulty cut could cost the entire payload or even your life.

Those of you who are unfortunate enough to lose your player’s life will find that the Lynx Corporation has your DNA and they’ll simply make a clone. However, the Lynx Corporation will require you to pay off the money owed for the clone so you’re having to focus on making sure each payload brings in enough to make a dent in your debt.

While we’re still waiting for an official launch date, we do know when the game will be released as an Early Access title on Steam and that’s June 16, 2020. This summer you’ll get a chance to try the game out, but those on console platforms will have to wait a bit longer as there’s no release window quite yet outside of PC.

Source: IGN