Cuphead Style Game, Enchanted Portals Returns to Kickstarter to Fund Upcoming Project

Developer Xixo Game Studio has announced that they are once again returning to Kickstarter to fund their highly ambitious title — Enchanted Portals.

The game has been in the news for a little while now and that has to due to the fact that the game is a blatant rip-off of Microsoft’s critically acclaimed title, Cuphead. Enchnted Portals has the same type of 50’s art style, boss battle mechanics, and more from just watching the trailer you can see the similarities.

Enchanted Portals is back on Kickstarter to fund the project with a goal of $130,486. At the time of writing the project is pledged with a $5,000 USD and counting. There is 29 days left in the campaign, so if you want to see the game come to frutiion, make sure to donate.

Check out the official statement from the developers Facebooko page down below:

After several months of hard work and exploring different options to fund the development of Enchanted Portals, we have ultimately decided to relaunch the Kickstarter campaign as we believe it would grant us more control over the project. To that end, we have created a new extended trailer in which we show some of the changes and new additions we’ve made to the game and a lot of you have been suggesting:

  • Given the large number of people who have asked for Enchanted Portals to be on PS4, we’ve decided to launch it on that platform in addition to PC and Switch.
  • We have made some adjustments to the overall gameplay speed, aiming to offer a more exciting and dynamic experience.
  • We have put a special emphasis on elements and mechanics that help our game further differentiate itself from Cuphead, including a new, more diverse soundtrack that uses different musical styles for each world in the game.
  • We have added platforming stages, with a great variety of character-enviroment interactions to spice up the gameplay.

We’re really excited to finally take this huge step forward in the development of Enchanted Portals, we hope you enjoy the new trailer and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your ongoing support!

Late last year Enchanted Portals was in talks with a publisher, but it seems since they are once again returning to Kickstarter, that deal must have fell through. If you want to learn more about the developers working with an unnamed publisher, check out the full story right here!

Enchanted Portals is obviously a knock off version/ inspired title fro the critically acclaimed game — Cuphead. However, I am interested to hear if you’re interested in supporting the game? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: Facebook