Enchanted Portals Drops Kickstarter Campaign As They Negotiate With Private Publisher

Earlier this month you may have stumbled upon Enchanted Portals, an upcoming platformer style video game title that got some heat online. This was due to the game’s overall appearance as many pointed out the close similarities between Xixo’s Enchanted Portals and Cuphead. While Cuphead made a huge splash with it’s old Disney cartoon visuals and gameplay full of classic style boss fights, it’s been labeled as the inspiration behind Enchanted Portals.

There’s no denying the close resemblance between the two titles and Xixo is not hiding back behind the game is an inspiration for their upcoming title. However, prior to this past week, it looked like in order for Enchanted Portals to become a reality, they needed the funds through the means of Kickstarter. That has been the studio’s source lately to get the required money invested to bring the game out, but that may no longer the case as it seems that the studio may be working with a private publisher.

We don’t know who the publisher is at this point, but the Facebook social media page for the game alerted its followers that they are in the middle of negotiations and that they have opted to pull the Kickstarter campaign for the time being. If things go well, they won’t need the funds from Kickstarter to make the game and that could allow the studio to really kick things off with the production. Of course, that’s all riding on the hope this publisher is able to strike a solid deal.

While things may still be in limbo for Enchanted Portals, Cuphead fans can expect the upcoming DLC, The Delicious Last Course which will bring in a new location, weapons, charms, and a playable character called Ms. Chalice, is slated to launch in 2020 for the PC and Xbox One platforms.

Source: Gamerant, Facebook