Obsidian Entertainment Releases First Story Trailer For Grounded

Today Microsoft held a little Inside Xbox livestream that had a bunch of exciting news ranging from new announcements, detailed looks, and a ton of trailers. One of the exciting set pieces of news comes from developer Obsidian’s Entertainment.

Their upcoming game, Grounded, has been announced for a couple of months now, and today they decided to release a new story trailer! Grounded is a game where the player is shrunk down to a very small height and needs to figure out how to get back to normal.

The story trailer does a pretty good job setting up the atmosphere and the enemies you will encounter. Bugs, spiders, and more are just some of the difficulties you will run into as there is a mystery hidden within your backyard.

Check out the first Story trailer for Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming title — Grounded, down below:

If you missed the Inside Xbox livestream event no worries as we here at Gameranx got you covered. Some of the best announcements are posted on the site, but if you want to watch the special livestream yourself, then you can check it out right here!

Grounded is set to release for the Xbox One this Summer on July 28th. Are you excited for Obsidian’s upcoming game? Let us know in the comments below!

source: YouTube