Apex Legends New Event “The Old Ways” Event Offers Elxusive Items, Skins, and Challenges

A new event called Old Ways has been announced for Apex Legends and offers players exclusive items including skins and challenges.

Check out the new trailer released down below:

As a part of season 4, The Old Ways event is set to bring a slew of new items to the free to play battle royale title. As shown off in the trailer listed above, new skins, challenges, and limited-time event cosmetics will be offered for players to earn, if they are up for the task. Old Ways event will see the return of duos and older modes and arenas as well.

The trailer stands out particularly due to its parallel graphics, which offers up a new but beautiful art style and it’s very nice, to say the least. The event is set and confirmed to go live tomorrow, Apr 7. on all platforms.

“Prepare to discover the Old Ways. Prove yourself before the gods in the new Town Takeover: Bloodhound’s Trials. Test your strength against the hoard of prowlers stalking the temple. Survive, and you will be richly rewarded. Master daily challenges to earn exclusive items. And should you desire to return to older modes and Arenas, you can now find Kings Canyon and Duos in the main menu. Are you ready to follow Bloodhound’s path and earn the favor of the Allfather?”

Apex Legends is EA and Respawn’s hit free to play title that introduced the world to first-person battle royale content. The game is available on all platforms and free to download to all.

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Source: Apex Legends Youtube