Fatal Frame Producer Interested In Franchise Return If Nintendo Allows It

We’ve seen plenty of horror games thrive for a few years before getting stale. For instance, a great example of this is Silent Hill. The franchise was an iconic survival horror series that entailed an in-depth narrative thriller mixed with a horrifying setting. However, after the in-house development team, Konami was disbanded, Silent Hill was tossed around to other development studios with each failing to really hit the success of earlier title releases.

Battling it out during the early years of Silent Hill was another iconic horror franchise that suffered a similar fate, Fatal Frame. It’s been years since we’ve received a new entry to the franchise but it looks like some of the people behind the video games are interested in returning. One producer from the series, Keisuke Kikuchi recently spoke with Nintendo Everything about the possibility of returning to the franchise after all these years.

In the past, the producer has spoken of his interest in returning the series and after those comments were spread around online, the producer was asked about the reception. It turns out those comments are something he’s been dealing with for a little while now and while he loves the franchise and appreciates the fans eager to return back into the world of Fatal Frame, ultimately it’s not up to him.

Fatal Frame is published by Nintendo and it would be their rights to either give the development team another go at the series or remastered editions of past games. With Nintendo Switch being a big hit across several markets, there’s bound to be plenty of fans that would be interested in a new horror experience from the franchise or perhaps a remastered edition of past installments that would welcome newcomers to the series as well.

Source: Nintendo Everything