Capcom Asks Fans If They Want Another Resident Evil Remake

When it comes to the Resident Evil franchise, there is a ton of installments readily available for players to enjoy. However, the later mainline installments had turned the franchise away from the traditional survival horror genre to a more action-focused horror game. That eventually changed when Capcom delivered fans with a Resident Evil 7. In that particular installment, players got a first-person view of the in-game world while going through the title as a classic survival horror game. 

Eventually, after Resident Evil 7 launched, Capcom offered fans a remake of Resident Evil 2 which was a massive hit. This didn’t stop Capcom from going back and delivering fans a remake for Resident Evil 3, the latest release from Capcom that happened just a few short days ago. Now fans may be in for another remake treat if they are interested. In a new survey that Capcom has released, it looks like the development studio is gauging players’ interests in a potential future remake from the series.

The survey was reported to have released on Capcom’s Asian website that asks players if they are interested in a new remake title from the Resident Evil series. We don’t know just which title would be remade, but it’s a question that Capcom is willing to ask in order to see if players are starting to get burnt out from the franchise. This survey has answers that range from players going out to buy a new console in order to play the game or outright stating that they don’t want to play any more of the franchise right now.

It’s clear that Resident Evil has a huge fan base but perhaps Capcom is making sure that they don’t want to overdo the market with too many installments from the franchise. With that said, it doesn’t look like a remake is currently in the works which could give the developers a chance to work on something new for the series.

Source: Gamerant