Life of Strange 2’s Free Trial is Now Available on Xbox One Consoles

Microsoft will be conducting a free trial for Life is Strange 2 and is now available exclusively on Xbox Consoles.

In a new post on the Xbox Wire, Microsoft has rolled out new details alongside announcing that the free trial is now available to download. If you enjoyed the free trial, it is worth noting that Life is Strange Season 2 is included a part of Xbox Game Pass. The service is currently on sale for $1, so now is the time to join if you haven’t! Here’s what to expect from the trial, with no spoilers.

“The trial – and game – starts just as high schooler Sean Diaz returns home, planning for a party that evening with his friend Lyla, not knowing that his quiet life is about to be transformed forever.”

In related news, Developer Dontnod released a new trailer for their recently released episodic adventure, Life is Strange 2.

The new trailer is a big one as it is a complete season trailer, so if you have yet to play some of the episodes, I would avoid watching, as some spoilers will be present. Sean and Daniel have been on a crazy adventure since the beginning of episode one and it seems that it keeps getting crazy. Check out the trailer highlights for Season 2 right here!

Source: Xbox Wire