The Outer Worlds Gets A Nintendo Switch Release Date

The Outer Worlds was an anticipated 2019 video game release and it was a big hit after it launched. Obsidian Entertainment brought out a semi open-world RPG that acted similarly to their installment with the Fallout franchise, Fallout New Vegas. Overall, players take on the role of a protagonist that is tasked with either helping a scientist the governments deem as mad or side with strict government control in a science fiction drama.

This game focuses on the player’s choices and depending on your actions the narrative journey may alter. While Obsidian Entertainment is now owned by Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios, their already released title, The Outer Worlds, would still see a release into the market for other platforms. Unfortunately for Nintendo Switch owners, the game took a bit longer to release into the market than anticipated. In fact, the port for the Nintendo Switch was delayed indefinitely due to the coronavirus, but that has now changed.

In a new tweet that was sent out by the official Twitter account for The Outer Worlds, it was announced that the game will be releasing on June 5, 2020, for the Nintendo Switch. This will also include a physical edition that players can pick up which features a physical cartridge along with a 6GB day one patch.

As mentioned, the game has already released into the market for other platforms outside of the Nintendo Switch. If you haven’t already picked up a copy of the game or if you’re simply waiting to enjoy the title when it releases on the Nintendo Switch, then we suggest checking out our Before You Buy episode upload on The Outer Worlds down below.

Source: Twitter