Sony Doesn’t Believe Coronavirus Will Cause Any Video Game Delays

When it comes to the current state of the world, we’re all dealing with the coronavirus in some shape or fashion. Most of us are keeping indoors and away from gatherings in hopes of no longer spreading the virus or potentially catching it. While we wait for this virus to subside and get back to normalcy, gamers are at least able to enjoy some titles on a regular basis and most studios have yet to alert fans of any significant delays due to the health pandemic.

In a recent press release that was sent out by Sony to alert followers of their current standings with the coronavirus, we get a breakdown on a variety of their divisions. From Sony offices, music, films, products, and even gaming. We’re going to be diving into the statement made regarding the video game segment, but you can get a breakdown of the entire press release from the source link below.

Within the Game & Network Services Segment, Sony states that there are no estimates of any material being impacted for this fiscal year. With that said, they do note that while there are no impacts yet, they will be monitoring the situation for both the first-party studios and partner studios going forward primarily in Europe and the United States. This could be a good indicator that the upcoming PlayStation 5 console platform is on track to release with none of the video game titles being delayed.

Of course, we don’t know too much about the PlayStation 5 just yet. The big unveiling of the system and its features have yet to come out beside the hardware built into the system. We’re forced to wait and see just when Sony will make the grand unveiling of their PlayStation 5 which will likely be done through a livestream or video upload in the near future, especially if they hope to get the console out in time for the holiday 2020 season.

Source: Sony