Latest Resident Evil 3 Trailer Focuses On Jill Valentine

Capcom has been killing it with the Resident Evil franchise as of late. With their turnaround back to the survival horror roots in Resident Evil 7, fans have now turned their attention towards the back catalog of the franchise. After the massive success Capcom had with the remake of Resident Evil 2, fans are now anticipating the release of Resident Evil 3. Due to release next month, we’re still receiving new trailers with the latest focusing on the protagonist Jill Valentine.

Featuring about three minutes of footage, we get a look at some of the gameplay narrative featured in this installment. Jill Valentine is aiming to help aid those that are in need of aid and to do so she’s putting her life on the line. Of course, along the way more information is unveiled behind the madness going on due to Umbrella. With that said you can enjoy the game demo right now if you wish to get a bit more insight on the game and character. Otherwise, the latest trailer can be viewed above.

Also noted in the trailer is the online game component known as Resistance. This is a 4v1 game where a team of players must go through a map filled with creatures and traps that the opposing player had setup. This game mode will be included in Resident Evil 3 when the title launches on April 3, 2020, for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.

In other news regarding Resident Evil 3, it was recently unveiled that the UK may have a problem receiving physical copies of the game, though it does seem that digital downloads will still be available.

Source: YouTube