Blizzard Announces 32nd Overwatch Character, Echo; New Origin Story Trailer Released

Blizzard has taken to Twitter and dropped a bombshell of news for their critically acclaimed multiplayer shooter title, Overwatch.

Yes, as you can tell from the headline, a brand new character has entered the Overwatch roster. Becoming the 32nd playable character, Overwatch fans have been blindsided by the surprise announcement. In addition to the announcement of the 32nd character, who’s name is Echo, Blizzard went on to release a origin trialer for the character.

IF you’re a fan of Overwatch then you’ll already know that all these characters have a unique backstory and that makes them special. Echo is no different, as she has her own story, reasons, and some very unique powers.

Check out the official announcement and the origin story for Echo down below:

In related news, a new rumor has surfaced the internet that suggest that the epic multiplayer title, Overwatch, will be receiving an anime for Netflix.

The new discovery from the Activision Blizzard president Nick van Dyke’s LinkedIn page unveils that both — an Overwatch and Diablo anime, are in production. Learn more about the potential anime series for Overwatch right here!

It seems that the original Overwatch is still kicking and introducing new characters. With Overwatch 2 on the horizon, fans should expect to see plenty of more great and unique characters heading their way. Are you excited to jump into Echo? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below!

Source: Twitter