Nintendo 64 Classic Shadow Man Is Getting Remastered

The Nintendo 64 may not have the graphics and visuals that hold up today, but there are still plenty of iconic video game titles that players thoroughly still enjoy. Now one of those old video game titles from the late 1990s is making a comeback thanks to a remastered edition by Nightdive Studios. We’re finding out today that Shadow Man will be making a return sometime this year.

If you don’t remember, Shadow Man first came out in 1999 for the Nintendo 64 and later on for the PC, PlayStation and Dreamcast platforms. It was a game based around taking out any threats from a supernatural Deadside world from invading the land of the living. The game at the time received some generally favorable reviews and now it looks like Nightdive Studios is bringing out a remastered edition for current-generation platforms.

This remastered edition will bring in not only new visuals but a variety of other improvements to really allow the game to thrive today. We’re not sure if there are any other tweaks being added to the game that would change the narrative or gameplay mechanics from the original release.

With that said, it does look like this could be a game that makes its way out into the market at some point this year for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch platforms. This won’t be the only remastered edition Nightdive Studios has their hands on. In fact, not long ago we got the announcement of a remastered edition for Blade Runner coming out as well.

Source: IGN