A Look at The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Through GIFs

The Astronauts have sent out a number of GIFs to highlight three moments in the upcoming PC title The Vanishing of Ethan Carter which is described as a "weird fiction horror game" by the developers.

The images show the game’s protagonist, Paul Prospero (named after a character in Shakespeare’s The Tempest) experience a supernatural occurance as well as some of the environments players will find in the game which is due for release next year. 

According to the descriptions of the GIFs: 

"The first 'video' shows a small fragment of a rocky path near the opening area of the game. A lot of what you see has been made using photogrammetric technology. Rest assured we will be talking a whole lot more about it in January, but in short, we believe it’s the future for a lot of indie studios interested in photo-realistic worlds. The technology does not eliminate the need for artists and never will, but it allows faster acquisition of high quality in-game assets."


"The second movie shows our hero, an occult detective called Paul Prospero, witness a supernatural event. It’s connected to the memories of a certain corpse that Paul is “questioning” about… Okay, this is a longer story, so let’s leave it for another time. Note how the foliage is affected by the switch from reality to the memory, right before the draisine materializes."


"Third GIF shows a fragment of a long forgotten cemetery from the later part of the game. Elements of the environment, like the tombs or the roots, were also made using photogrammetry."


The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is set for release in 2014.