Epic Is Supporting Nvidia GeForce Now Service

When it comes to streaming services, we’re seeing quite a few of them pop up. With the likes of PlayStation Now, Google Stadia and Microsoft’s upcoming Project xCloud, it’s not too surprising to see other services start to launch in hopes of captivating an audience. Nvidia has been working on GeForce Now for a good while now as it’s been in beta with players getting a chance to try streaming their collection of digital video game titles. Unfortunately, since it recently launched, there have been a few issues for Nvidia to deal with.

Really, since the service exited beta, the main issues Nvidia has been dealing with are publishers. More and more publishers are removing support for their video game titles. If you’re unfamiliar with Nvidia GeForce Now, players would get access to their digital games from the likes of the Epic Games Store and Steam. This is a benefit as there was no need to repurchase these games directly from Nvidia. Instead, the service simply used your accounts to stream these games.

However, more publishers are jumping ship such as Bethesda and most recently, 2K Games. One company that won’t be pivoting away from the service is Epic. The CEO of Epic, Tim Sweeney, took to Twitter recently in order to alert his followers that the company would be supporting their exclusives with the developers that choose to participate. 

According to Tim Sweeney, Nvidia’s GeForce Now is the most developer-friendly and publisher-friendly streaming service. Likewise, because there is no tax on game revenue, the streaming service really allows developers to not lose any revenue from games sold. 

While Nvidia is working to bring some publishers back to the service, it’s a wonder just why some of these opted to leave in the first place. Perhaps it could have something to do with other streaming services such as Google Stadia or possibly the upcoming console platform launches, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. For now, all we can do is wait and see if Nvidia is able to work a deal to bring back several of these IPs on the service once again.

Source: Twitter