Developer Concerned Ape Celebrates Stardew Valley 4 Year Anniversary, Announces New 1.5 Update is in the Works

Developer Concerned Ape took to Twitter yesterday to celebrate the four year anniversary for the critically acclaimed title, Stardew Valley!

It’s crazy to see the game has been running for four years strong, but the game has been so addicting, and the updates, patches, and new changes have been keeping players engaged for longer periods than expected. In lieu of celebrating the four year anniversary, developer Concerned Ape then went on to announce that update 1.5 is currently in the works!

Check out the official tweet from Developer Concerned Ape down below:

There is no release window for the next incoming update, however, Concerned Ape does go on to say that it will include a ton of new content, and will of course be completely free!

Recently known as the ‘Everything” update, update 1.4 brings a change to basically everything in the game. If you’re a newcomer to the game or a longtime fan, this update will be such a treat as it will give both type of players a bunch of new content and a smoother gameplay experience. Learn more about the big 1.4 update right here!

Stardew Valley is now available to play on all platforms. Are you excited for update 1.5? Still playing the critically acclaimed title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter