Watch The Latest Genshin Impact Gameplay Footage Right Here

miHoYo is developing a new action role-playing video game known as Genshin Impact which is slated to release in the spring of this year. It’s a game that clearly took some inspiration behind the open world and visuals of the immensely popular The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild video game. Now it looks like over ten minutes of gameplay footage has been released online which should give you some insight on how the game will handle if you choose to pick up a copy.

Overall, this is a fantasy video game where players take the role of either a male or a female character known as the Traveler. In this world, gods are given chosen individuals the ability to control an element of the world which should come in handy for the Traveler as players begin a quest to seek out their lost sibling. It looks like the gameplay will be somewhat similar to the Tales series, in that players are able to freely explore the open world with a party of four characters at a time. 

Combat appears to also be rather fluid like other action role-playing video games such as the Kingdom Hearts franchise. As mentioned, there is a total of twelve minutes of gameplay footage for Genshin Impact that was uploaded by IGN. You can view that footage above as we wait for the game to hopefully make its way out to the market. 

Currently, Genshin Impact is slated for a spring release for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch platforms. Perhaps this will be a big hit for miHoYo as the studio is still relatively new after being founded back in 2012. 

Source: IGN