Halo Infinite Confirmed To Support Smart Delivery

Earlier this week we got a big unveiling for the upcoming Microsoft platform, Xbox Series X. In the posting by Xbox head, Phil Spencer, we got details on some of the hardware powering the console but also a feature is known as Smart Delivery. This will essentially offer players to purchase a game once and it would offer either the Xbox One or Xbox Series X.

If you want a full breakdown of what was unveiled regarding the Xbox Series X then we suggest checking out our detailed post right here. With that said, one of the features announced was the Smart Delivery and much as we mentioned, this is going to offer players the ability to avoid having to pay for a game twice. Those that are on the Xbox One and purchases a game with Smart Delivery, can upgrade to the Xbox Series X and be able to enjoy the updated version for free.

In the past, Microsoft stated that there wouldn’t be any exclusives for the Xbox Series X for at least two years. With that said, we can expect certain games to not only run better on the XSX compared to the Xbox One, but they’ll likely have an assortment of different improvements compared to the current platform. One of the bigger titles confirmed for both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X is Halo Infinite and while we don’t know just what differences the game will have between platforms, it has been confirmed that this title will feature Smart Delivery. 

We can expect exclusives from Microsoft to offer this feature, but it’s a feature that will be readily available for other developers to take advantage of. For instance, we know that there is already the confirmation of Cyberpunk 2077 will come with Smart Delivery as well. 

Source: Twitter