Bethesda Softworks Removes Their Line of Video Games From GeForce Now

It wasn’t very long ago that Nvidia GeForce Now left its beta phase and opened up for other players to join in. Streaming services are making a big impact in the video game industry this generation. With the likes of xCloud, PlayStation Now, and Google Stadia, the latest to be added into the mix is Nvidia’s GeForce Now. With this service, players are given access to video game titles purchased from an assortment of clients.

While other streaming services may be locked behind video games offered from one particular source, what makes Nvidia GeForce Now a bit more unique is that players can access their library of video game title purchases from the likes of the Epic Games Store and Valve’s Steam marketplace. This opens up the potential for players to enjoy video game titles on either their unique gaming PC or through an assortment of devices that would simply stream the game.

At any rate, shortly after the beta ended, Activision was the first to pull their line of video game titles and as a result, Nvidia was quick to leave a blog post alerting users that there shouldn’t be as many games being removed with plenty more titles soon to be supported through the service. Likewise, Nvidia was optimistic that publishers who pull their games would see just how profitable it would be to give access for players to stream the video game titles. 

Now it looks Bethesda Softworks is following Activision’s move by removing their line of video games from being supported. It looks like all of the video games but one title has been removed, with the only supported title being offered is Wolfenstein Youngblood. So far it doesn’t look like there are any statements on why Bethesda was quick to pull their line video game titles. Perhaps we could see them return down the line but as of now it looks like those who were hoping to enjoy some of the Bethesda line of games through GeForce Now may be in for some disappointment. 

Source: PC Gamer