Capcom Announces Two New Playable Masterminds in Resident Evil: Resistance

New Resident Evil Resistance Masterminds Revealed

Capcom took to the PlayStation Blog this morning to discuss their upcoming multiplayer spin-off title, Resident Evil: Resistance!

The blog post centered around the playable masterminds that players will be able to control. If you didn’t know, Resident Evil: Resistance is a 4vs1 asymmetrical multiplayer title, where one player will control a “Mastermind”, where they will try to place traps, zombies, and everything else troublesome for the other four plays to encounter.

The four other players will have to work together in order to survive, each having their own backstories and strengths/weaknesses. Today, Capcom detailed two new playable masterminds — Alex Wisker and Ozwell E. Spencer. Both have their own backstories and strengths/weaknesses, and thanks to the PlayStation Blog the post details both characters in full detail!

If you’re interested in learning about Alex Wesker and Ozwell E. Spencer, check out the highlights from the blog post down below:

Alex Wesker

For those of you who have played Resident Evil Revelations 2, you’ll likely recognize the name Alex Wesker, not to be confused with Albert Wesker. The two share a last name, but the way they carry out their objectives couldn’t be more different. Alex tends to prefer more indirect means to achieve her goals, putting her subjects through psychological horrors and experiments that make her well suited to her role as a Mastermind. In fact, the PlayStation Blog’s very own Tim Turi asked the team behind the game why they decided to add Alex.

Peter Fabiano, Producer for Resident Evil Resistance and Resident Evil 3, explains:

“Considering the way Alex is portrayed in-lore and in Resident Evil Revelations 2, it only made sense to include her as a Mastermind. She was the first character we thought of when coming up with Masterminds. In fact, in Revelations 2, she conducted her own experiments where she taunted her subjects over loudspeakers in a similar vein to the Masterminds in Resistance, making her a perfect fit.”

Ozwell E. Spencer

Synonymous with Umbrella itself, Ozwell is one of the company’s founders who refuses to face his own mortality while forcing others to face theirs. Since Resistance is a non-canon entry in the Resident Evil series, the team behind the game was able to have a bit of fun with who they included as a Mastermind. They decided to turn to the series’ long history and characters who haven’t had much time in the limelight. Here’s Peter on the matter:

“Ozwell has been a shadowy antagonist throughout most of the Resident Evil series, so we thought it would be fun to bring the father of all bioweapons and Umbrella itself to the forefront. We didn’t really see him before Resident Evil 5, and this gave us a chance to have some fun and make him a playable character – even if he’s only playable via the Mastermind’s cameras.”

Deeply intrigued by Alex’s reports of a virus mutation that grants superhuman abilities without altering the subject’s physical appearance, Ozwell decides to take a more direct approach to the experiments. With the help of the latest and greatest in Umbrella technology, the founder of Umbrella is ready to unleash untold horrors upon the Survivors.

In related news, Capcom recently noted that the upcoming multiplayer title, Resident Evil: Resistance will not be considered canon in the Resident Evil Universe. The game will indeed be bundled with Resident Evil 3 this April, however, Capcom assures you this is just a fun spin-off title for the fans.

Speaking with the Official PlayStation Magazine, Resident Evil 3 producer Peter Fabiano has stated that while it’s not canon, the game experience was tied in because of the similar themes. For instance, both titles are focused around escaping whether it be an enemy or a location and as a result, the two are packaged together as one for the upcoming release. Learn more about Resident Evil: Resistance right here!

Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil: Resistance will be ready to hit the market on April 3, 2020 and it will be available on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. Are you excited for for the upcoming games? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog