Madden 20 Predicts Kansas City Chiefs to Win Super Bowl LIV

EA has a tradition to release a simulated game of the two contenders of the Super Bowl to predict who will take home the trophy, and they did it again this year!

The simulated Madden 20 game has predicted the Kansas City Chiefs to take home the trophy in 2020! This is excited news for Kansas City Chief fans, but if your a 49ers fan don’t worry, as this is just a silly joke. However, its always fun to see the odds play out in Madden, and it seems that the decision as been made — Kansas City chiefs win it 35 to 31.

Check out the simulated Super Bowl LIV Madden 20 video down below:

In related news, Epic Games have taken to their blog to announce and detail the return of the NFL Skins to their wildly successful battle royale title, Fortnite!

Yes, the NFL skins have returned, and if you missed them the first round, then this is your time to make amends. Thanks to the upcoming Super Bowl weekend, the skins are back and in full force. Check out the full details for the NFL skins Fortnite crossover right here!

This weekend, Sunday February 2nd, the Super Bowl will commence. The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Fransisco 49ers will square off, but in the mean time, we can play Fortnite, in some snazzy NFL skins or Madden 20 to pass the time!

Madden 20 is now available for the all platforms. Who do you have for Super Bowl LIV? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube