Henry Cavill Explains Everything You Need to Know About the Witcher’s Swords in New Released Video

Netflix has released a new video for their critically acclaimed show — The Witcher, and today we are graced with the epic-ness of Henry Cavill explaining yet another feature of the show!

Today’s video is all about the Witcher’s swords and the lore behind them. If you know The Witcher franchise, you know that there is two types of swords a Witcher has to use, steel for regular enemies, silver for the supernatural. Henry Cavill walks viewers through everything you need to know about the swords as well as discuss how it was using them on set.

As I noted yesterday, Netflix is doing a great job with these videos; Henry Cavill seems to be genuinely interested in the lore of the Witcher and an overall awesome guy. The Netflix series really managed to propel the actor even to further into popularity.

Check out the new video of Henry Cavill explain everything you need to know about The Witcher’s sword down below:

Netflix took to Twitter yesterday to release another video of Henry Cavill — Geralt of Rivia — to break down an epic fighting scene from the show! An interesting bit from the video, which you can watch down below, is that Henry Cavill was adamant on performing the stunts by himself. And from watching the scene recreated, it is pretty impressive that Cavill managed to do all his own stunts in the show! Check out Henry Cavill breaking down one of the most epic fight scenes in the show right here!

Have you seen The Witcher Netflix series yet? Did you like the show? Are excited for the upcoming anime film? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Netflix