Doom Eternal Will Feature A Hub Area

Doom Eternal is just one of the most anticipated video game titles launching in 2020. The sequel to the 2016 release of Doom has quite a bit of hype building behind it and while we’re still having to wait a bit before we’re able to get our hands on a copy, new details are still being pumped out into the public. The latest happens to be a hub world where gamers can upgrade skills and test the protagonist out in an area known as the Ripatorium.

While Doom Eternal is taking place right after the events of Doom, there will be a few noticeable changes to the game. For instance, we’ll have new enemies to fight against, a destruction system that showcases an enemy deterioration when being hit, a storyline set on Earth and of course an assortment of weapons. While in the 2016 release of Doom, players would come across these weapons and armor in the various levels, Doom Eternal is making a slight change with the inclusion of a hub world.

This hub world is set in space hovering over Earth and within it are several locked doors. Behind the doors are special weapons and armor though to unlock these doors you’ll have to acquire specific items during your battles on Earth. While it seems that you’ll be able to see what is behind each door, you’ll likely want to test out the upgrades and skills before jumping back into the fight.

Luckily, id Software has included a testing area within the hub world that should allow players the ability to get acquainted with the latest upgrades. For now, we still have a small wait before we’re able to enjoy Doom Eternal. As it stands right now, Doom Eternal is releasing on March 20, 2020, for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia platforms. It’s worth mentioning that Nintendo Switch owners will not be left out though the game port will release later on within the year.

Source: GameSpot