Is BioWare Teasing Mass Effect Remastered Editions?

BioWare is an iconic video game development studio and they have brought out several big RPG titles over the years. Though as of late the studio has not made the big hits that they have in the past. Anthem was a bit of dud when it launched as it was hyped up to be a massive RPG game as a service type title. While the game will continue to progress on with fans that are logging in to go through the title, there is an interesting tweet that came out from BioWare that has plenty of gamers wondering if we are going to see something come out for the Mass Effect franchise.

Mass Effect was a beloved science-fiction RPG series with the original trilogy being a highlight of last-generation console releases. With that said, the third game did receive some flack over the endings available, though still the games usually are held in limelight over the thrilling narrative. It was not too long ago that BioWare attempted to bring the Mass Effect franchise to this generation of platforms with Mass Effect: Andromeda though it wasn’t the hit that the developers had hoped for.

Now a tweet from BioWare showcases the original Mass Effect though there is no word on what this tweet means. It has plenty of fans guessing as to if this could indicate a remastered edition of the original trilogy, a new installment to the franchise or perhaps it’s just a random tweet that was sent out that holds no particular meaning.

At any rate, BioWare has yet to make any announcements on the matter and coming off of Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem, the studio could use a win. Perhaps playing it safe and delivering a remaster for the beloved original trilogy will keep players enjoying the franchise a little while longer though that’s purely speculative at the moment.

Source: Twitter