Jared Leto Transforms Into a Terrifying Vampire in New Morbius Trailer

The standalone film, Mobius has received its very first trailer after months of anticipation and it releases the horrors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and shows a troubled Jared Leto transform into a terrifying vampire.

It sounds like a fun time, right? Check out the trailer down below.

The length is just short of a three-minute trailer which shows off the conflicted anti-hero, Michael Morbius who is diagnosed with a rare blood disease and seeks an antidote, which happens to put him in even more peril. When things don’t go exactly as plan, Morbius is transformed into a lethal vampire equipped with a skill set like never seen before.

Another observation fans have pointed out is a clear connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At the 2:10 mark in the trailer, Mobius walks past an alley-way with a Spiderman painted over the wall and has the word “Murderer” written over it with white spray paint. This seems to be easter eggs for comic book fans and has the community thinking of the endless possibilities and connections between the two.

Check out the photo down below:

The film is being made by Sony Pictures Entertainment with the association of Marvel Studios, leaving the possibilities hopeful for the characters of these universes to coexist. Only time will tell if there is any clear connection between the worlds.

Morbius hits theaters this summer, with no exact release date given at the moment.

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment Youtube